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*******Marston & Kovacs Men AND Women Survive the Boundary Waters--July 2015******* 

          My tent is the red one.  Cozy set up.  Here is Jim modeling what happens when you take your shoes          

      off and walk in the water.  DON"T do it!!  Below, the t-shirts for canoe #1 and use of John's new selfie stick.

****************************Marston Men Survive in Boundary Waters  2012*************************** 


Can you find my boys & husband in the mass of guys along on this trip?  The Kovie campsite is below and all the guys, post trip, are pictured as well.  No running water or electricity or cell phone coverage or toliets that flush but they had a great time and want to go back.  It was a Marston Family trip, remember, though there were only 5 official Marstons along.  Also along were 6 Kovacs and 2 Ashtons.  Good times!!    

Below are the before and after picture shots of Jim's big catch.  Mmm...onion rings and battered fish.  Luckily Jim caught his fish on what my 5 boys dubbed "compression shorts Wednesday" so he is wearing that in all his big fish pictures.  I'm so lucky to have not been invited!!  Things they did on the trip:  fishing, canoe jousting, cliff jumping, canoe and kayak racing.  Things they did not do:  tidy up the campsite, wear actual clothes, shave, or worry about how they smelled.  Again, lucky not to be along. 

*************The men head to the boundary waters********************* 

                                    The Marston Girls Head to the North Shore. 

     Did you know I am a Marston girl?  My maiden name is Marston.  My name was Jamie Marston.


 Here's the girls trip to the North Shore.  To the left is a shot of my nieces at the great lake & the ceiling of the Naniboujou Lodge. To the right is the whole gang and below are the bikers and the cutest pink bike a girl could own. 




This is Bekah's knee--upside down.  She got hurt in California on the boardwalk rides she went on.  I think she is back home now.  Weird--this picture was upside down when she sent it, correct on my ipad, and now upside down here.  Hmm..Guess I don't know why!  



Here is Vlad in Albany, New York.  It looks like Auntie Sandra took him to do fun things since he had to miss camp.  How spoiled is he? He is still coughing and stuffed up and not 100% but he sure looks like he's having fun in the pictures, huh? 


                   ************************                                  *****************************

Seems that while Vlad was to sick to be at camp, he was NOT to sick to ride go carts, flip on tramplines, and eat hamburgers.  Hmm... 

Fourth of July Burgandy Worthy Tournament at Dellwood Country Club.  Jake won!!  To see the Burgandy jacket itself, scroll down to last summer's pics.  Johnny was the proud owner of the Burgandy over the winter but Jake took it from him yesterday shooting a solid 82 at Dellwood.  Not bad.  Scottie came in second with a 92 and Mr. Kovacs and Joe tied with 94s.  Considering it was nearly 100 degrees out, they did well. Jake is happy to have won the jacket back after losing it in a crushing battle last fall.    

         Happy Birthday America! 

 **********Haiti 2012******************************************************

Jake went on a mission trip to Haiti with John and his wife Pam.  To the left is Jake with one of the many children he ran an afternoon camp for in the afternoons after they worked on a house during the day.  Above is a shot of John working on the house and one of Pam with some more kids.  They said it was really really really hot and they were sweating the whole time they were there.  They had a wonderful time meeting the people of Haiti and teaching them some English words and learning some Creole from the Haitians.  Jake wants to go back!!   

*****Haiti 2012************************************************************ 

    An update on Vlad:  He had to be picked up from camp as he was sick!  Poor kid. 

The picture to the left is Vlad in Times Square in New York City, New York.  It has been quiet at our house since Vlad left on Tuesday, June 26.  He will be gone until July 8.  He spent this week with my brother and his family (they are the ones who originally hosted Vlad 4 years ago--that's how we met him!) and today he goes off to North Ridge Christian Boys Camp in the Adirondak Mountains.  Lucky!! Oh look, he's wearing the New York t-shirt I bought him at Kohl's. 


Our first summer 2012 entry come's from Ella Johnson, a soon to be 5th grader in the village.  She and her sister Annika were in a horse show on the 16th and 17th of June and she earned 2 beautiful ribbons for her work with her horse.  She got a first place ribbon and a second place ribbon.  Way to go Ella!  Maybe she can send us a picture of her riding the horse.  How fun would that be?  Have any of you met Ella's horse? I can't wait for Ella to blog the answers to our questions!  Don't you just love summer when we can all go off and do the wonderful things we LOVE to do.  So much learning going on.  Happy Horsey Summer, Ella!  

****************Summer 2012--Enjoy!!*****************



Check out this new entry in our photo gallery of what people have been doing this summer.  This is a shot of our captain captaining another vessel.  What do you think Principal, I mean Captain Dahlem, is doing in this picture?  Hey Captain, do you have a license for that? 


             Here is a shot of Mr. Doebler's whole family.  This is them in front of a very famous place.  Can you guess where he is?  Three people have correctly guessed that he is at Niagara Falls.  That makes so much sense as he was also in Cooperstown, NY at the baseball hall of fame. Both those places are in the Northeast Region. I wonder if he saw the Erie Canal, went to NY City or Washington D.C.?   I have another question--So we know the boys are Mitch and Matt but what is your daughter's name? Do tell.

      Mr. Doebler in Cooperstown, NY at a championship game with Mitch and Matt.  Cooperstown is the town that houses the Baseball Hall of Fame.  

       Hey, Mr. D, Were you there when Twin's pitcher "circle me Bert" was inducted into the hall of fame?  That was just a week or so ago, wasn't it?

         Mr.  Doebler reports that he is having a once in a lifetime trip that is 3 weeks long.  He promises more pictures next week! Thanks for sending us pictures, Mr. D!


Joe & Emily get engaged!  A beautiful ring and a message in a bottle! 


As promised to Madeline, here is my cool picture from swimming in Lake Superior taken a few summer's ago when Vlad was only 12 and here as a visitor staying with my brother. Maddy, did you see this big thing in the water along Canal Park?  Then just for fun, Jim waterskiing.  


Jim and Courtney Kovacs, husband and wife.  Another Mrs. Kovacs. 

 The flower girl, my niece, Hadley Marston and the bride Courtney Strang now Kovacs with her beautiful boquet of flowers.  It was a sunny day!

 **********The Bride and Groom:  Jim and Courtney Kovacs*************

 The whole family to the left and the beautiful groom right above.  He's so cute!!


After the graduation comes the graduation party.  Ours was on June 19, also Father's Day, and it was a great day.  This is a shot of our back yard before people came.

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