It was a great first day!  What a wonderful group of interested learners.  I enjoyed every single minute of meeting you and working with you yesterday.  Great day!

Remember that Thursday, June 15 is our first field trip.  You need a bag lunch.  Will you bring one from home or eat a SA bag lunch?  The SA ones are free!!!!!  And, you don't have to make it yourself.  We will be going to the Ramsey County Government Center for a tour and some actual court time.  We will have to go through security so only your pen and legal pad are going in with you.  Nothing in your pockets please!!

After the courthouse we will eat our bag lunch and then go to Candyland to buy some treats.  We will be back on the bus by 12:30 to make it to the Law Firm of Tomshe, Soneson, and Tomshe by 1:00.  Then back to SA by 2:00.  Oh ya, did you remember it is the first LONG day.  It will seem LLLOOONNNGGG!!!
Friday you build your offices!!  That is the best day ever.

Enjoy your afternoon and evening.  See ya tomorrow.