Office Building and Capture the Flag Friday

June 19, 2015
How did office building go?  Did you have enough time?  I can't wait to see the offices.
How did golf playing go?  Did you resolve your case over a friendly t-time?
How was Johnny as a sub?  Does he look and sound like Jim?
How...too many questions, not enough time.  I guess I will have to wait until I see you Monday unless you BLOG me!!  Blog me!
Did you get lots of billable time today?  Ha Ha  How was golf?  Lawyers probably do play golf with lawyer buddies to try to work things out, don't you think?  This class is nothing if not realistic!

Mrs. Kovacs

Field Trip Tomorrow

June 17, 2015
Here's what you need to know:

1.  You should wear your SA t-shirt
2.  You need a bag lunch.  You should bring your own unless you ordered a school lunch.  
3.  You can bring some money for "The Yogurt Lab" where you put sweets on yogurt and eat it!!  Yum.  Optional.
4.  SA is not over until 2:30.  It is a full day of travel for us.

We are going to the law firm of Gray, Plant and Mooty first, then the Yogurt Lab in the IDS, then Waldeck law firm, then the St. Thomas School of Law where we will eat ...
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Day 2--Check!

June 16, 2015
Office construction has begun.  Yikes, it smells like cardboard.  Also, we are short a bit of cardboard but no worries, SA always comes through and I am sure you will all get more cardboard on Friday.  Tomorrow we will meet and work hard for our new client and bill lots of hours, I'm sure.  Then on Thursday we have a field trip and on Friday, more office construction.

Emily and Lena are experts on Wednesday. So far nice job on experts, guys.  Love the props and video demonstrations.

Thursday is...
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Happy SA 2015!!

June 15, 2015
It was so exciting to meet you all today.  You were a really hard working, focused, eager and enthusiastic group.  I really enjoyed being your teacher.  I kept thinking "lucky me" all day long.  And aren't Maren and Ryan the nicest, most helpful, cheerful TA's ever?!  Ryan is back for his 3rd year as my TA and Maren took the class once and now is back to TA.  Maybe one of you will be my TA one day.

Remember that tonight you are to:

1.  Blog a comment and respond to someone else's blog comment.
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Only 3 Days to go :(

June 29, 2014
How fast did Summer Academy fly by this summer?  Oh my, let me catch my breath.  Other than the super early mornings which are super hard for me, the rest of this has been a breeze.  You are such a great, hard working, enthusiastic class.  It has been such a pleasure to be your teacher.

Here's what we have left:  tomorrow we will meet to "tion" with our opposing counsel in the bear custody case.  Then you will get a chance to write up an agreement if you reach one or a chance to go to court if...
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State Your Appearance for the Record!

June 25, 2014
Today you had your first court appearance. How did it go?  Everyone did a great job negotiating a settlement and I think you can all be very proud of your work in court.  Nobody seemed too nervous and even those of you who had a snafu or two ironed it out and worked through it and helped each other out.  Great to see!  

Tomorrow we will start to work hard on our custody case.  Can you believe the BEARS are getting divorced.  So sad.  They are like the nicest family in the world.  I guess it ca...
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Are You Ready for Week 2?

June 23, 2014
In a mere 11.5 hours we will all be back at it.  We have briefs to write and oral arguments for Baker v. Sanji, we have a new case to learn about, glogsters to work on and journals to smash stuff in to.  Are you ready?  Did you rest this weekend?  Brace yourself, we have a full week ahead.

Remember, field trip on Thursday again.  We will be going to St. Thomas Law School, a small law firm and Gray, Plant and Moody.  We will also be stoping for ice cream, I hope.

See you tomorrow.  Mrs. Kovacs...
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Field Trip Tomorrow

June 19, 2014
Only 5 of you ordered a school lunch so please make sure you bring a lunch tomorrow.  You will be at SA from 8-2:30.  That would be a long day if you forget your food.

Tomorrow we will be going to the Ramsey County Gov't Center to watch court, talk to a judge, meet the county attorney and tour the building.  From there we will eat lunch on the bus as we travel to Minneapolis.  We will do a quick compare and contrast tour through the Hennepin County Gov't Center and then run through to the old ...
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It's a Construction Zone In Here

June 18, 2014
Ryan wants to know if he needs to wear a hard hat tomorrow.  Ha Ha!  I hope he doesn't get hurt, we found out today that worker's comp won't help him!  

The offices are looking good.  There will be a bit of time to tweak them every day this week.  Be sure and add things that make them look office like--calendars on the wall, pictures of your family, desk caddies, file boxes and stuff like that.  If you have a brief case, bring it.  AJ mentioned that he was going to ask his dad about borrowing ...
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Summer Academy 2014

June 16, 2014
Wow did we ever cram a lot into 4 short hours.  First there was the reading of the morning newspaper with lawyer jokes and everything.  Then there was a staff meeting where we learned all about each other as well as how to write a contract.  Then we wrote a contract.  Next we opened a file for our contract case and learned about the steps to becoming a lawyer.  Step one, do well in school, then college, then the LSAT, then Law School and finally the dreaded bar exam.  Then we took the bar exa...
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