You need to know that tomorrow is a LONG day.  We will be at SA until 2:30.  We will be spending a lot of that time in downtown Minneapolis so bring your walking shoes.  We will be walking through the courthouses then to the IDS and then to and through St. Thomas Law School.  It should be a fun day.  Are you ready for it?

BRING a lunch tomorrow.
Good work on your contracts, people.
We will finish the bar exam tomorrow or it will go home to work on Thursday night.  It is due on Friday.

Friday will be construction day so come ready to build your office.  You may also bring supplies to make your space seem more officie--pictures of the wife and kids, filing boxes, mail boxes, desk caddies and the like.  A plant?  A phone?  You get to make it your own cozy office space.  What do real lawyers have in their offices?  That's what you should have too.