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What? Only 4 days left?

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Saturday, June 24, 2017,
I can't remember a year when SA has flown by like it did this year.  Maybe I just have too much going on in my outside of school life.  I don't know, it just flew by!!

Monday we will work hard to settle the Bears case and we will need to really work hard on our Safe and Supportive Schools Act case for school district 13.  We still have a criminal case to try so...YIKES!!  I wonder if we will get it all done!

Monday Ryan will be back so we will do a make up game of Capture the Flag.  Then on Thu...
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SA 2017!!

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Wednesday, June 14, 2017,
It was a great first day!  What a wonderful group of interested learners.  I enjoyed every single minute of meeting you and working with you yesterday.  Great day!

Remember that Thursday, June 15 is our first field trip.  You need a bag lunch.  Will you bring one from home or eat a SA bag lunch?  The SA ones are free!!!!!  And, you don't have to make it yourself.  We will be going to the Ramsey County Government Center for a tour and some actual court time.  We will have to go through security...
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