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Field Trip Thursday--Bag Lunch

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Thursday, June 16, 2016,
You need to know that tomorrow is a LONG day.  We will be at SA until 2:30.  We will be spending a lot of that time in downtown Minneapolis so bring your walking shoes.  We will be walking through the courthouses then to the IDS and then to and through St. Thomas Law School.  It should be a fun day.  Are you ready for it?

BRING a lunch tomorrow.
Good work on your contracts, people.
We will finish the bar exam tomorrow or it will go home to work on Thursday night.  It is due on Friday.

Friday will...
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2016 SA is Underway!

Posted by Jamie Kovacs on Tuesday, June 14, 2016,
What a fun day.

What a marvelous, studious, hard working, interested, enthusiastic bunch you are.  I have assembled a fantastic law firm and I look forward to working with you all throughout the course of the 2016 Summer Academy.

Tomorrow will be full of hard work as we draft a contract, set up a file, work on the bar exam, design and dream about our office walls and construction, make name plates, schedule experts, and with any luck, meet our new client.  It's a tough case with some real clien...
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