Can you believe there are only 3 more days of SA?  Wow!  The blur that is Summer Academy seems to go faster and faster each year.  How can we only have 3 days left?

Tomorrow we will work on our client's marital termination agreement, meet our new client, and work on our Edu Law research project.  There will also be time given for work on office maintenance.  

Tuesday is the open house and we will wrap up our divorce case and work hard on the other two projects.

Wednesday we will start with a bit more preparation time and then BAM!! our criminal trial!!  We will take a quick snack break and then tear down, clean up, write compliments for classmates in each other's journals and then say good bye.  You have been a fantastic class--very cooperative, enthusiastic, charming and sweet.  I will miss you.

Let's have a great 3 days.  Go SA!!