The Gang Waiting for the Bus!  Good times!!                 ***********SA 2015************

 Buddy Shots;

Even waiting for the bus can be fun;

Look at the friendships made in 8 days!

There's lots of photo bombing going on.

Oh my, are there really only 6 boys in this whole class?  6/22 or 3/11?  Wow, that is fantastic odds, boys!!

Field Trip 6/18/15 

Above:  It looks like I took them on a European field trip!  I did not.  This is the old courthouse which is sandwiched between the HCGC and the new Federal Courthouse.  It is a pretty cool shot, though, right?              Below:  walking in downtown Minneapolis.

 On Thursday, June 18 we headed off to downtown Minneapolis where we went to  1. Gray, Plant and Mooty;     2. The Yogurt Lab in the IDS Center;   3. the law firm of Waldeck and Associates in the TCF Tower;   4. the Hennepin County Government Center and the Old Courthouse across the street;  and   5. the St. Thomas School of Law.

Wow!!  What a busy, walking around Minneapolis field trip.  We learned a lot and got a great opportunity to see into the work spaces of two very different sized law firms.  Enjoy the pictures from that day.

         Meeting real live attorney Jim Kovacs at Waldeck and Associates in the Twin City Tower in downtown Minneapolis. 

                                              Field Trip June 25, 2015

Above:  outside the art deco Ramsey County  

            Courthouse, built in 1932

To the left:  inside the Ramsey County Courthouse, in 

           the actual jury box of an actual courtroom!!

Below:  a quick shot outside the library on the 18th 


We went to 3 courtrooms, met with an Assistant Ramsey County Attorney, saw two courtrooms in actions, talked to 2 judges, ate lunch in the basement, toured the building and ended our day at Candyland on Wabasha Street.  

        Judge Leary, an actual District Court Judge                                 Judge Who?, just pretending

                       Kovacs and Associates, Attorneys At Law   2015 Staff Photo 

                                                                                              *******SA 2014******* 

    We went to Gray, Plant and Mooty then off to Waldeck and Associates with Jim and we ended at St. Thomas Law School.

     Our class at the St. Thomas Law School Atrium (below).  Eating Yogurt Lab in the IDS Center between visits to law firms.

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