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Welcome to Explorations 2018-2019--We are ready to Explore the World.  
We went to the Native American Museum and Trading Post on Lake Mille Lacs as part of our Native American studies.    Fun trip!!
              End of the 2018-2019 School Year entries.  Happy Explorations!!
It is time for a new year.  Are you ready?  My goal--more pictures on a more regular basis.  Let's see if I can make that happen.  2017-2018 here we come!!


    Here we Come!!

**************Super Bowl FUN in Minneapolis.  Crowds, Cold, and Superstars!!***************
**************************************Job Fair--What will you be?**********************************
                                                 Last Day with Ms. Fertig
Ms. Fertig's time with us is over.  We hated to say good-bye BUT the good news is she is a full on sub already and we hope to see her in the building A LOT!!  She needs to sub for all the teachers at Lincoln who need a sub.  It's not that we hope people get sick but...we'd love to see Ms. Fertig!!

Good bye Ms. Fertig.  You are ready to FLY.

Today we went to the Physics Force show at the U of M.  It was a blast.  Well, actually, they blasted a lot of things out of canons using nothing but air pressure.  It was cool.  There was a lot of stuff going on that had to do with things like velocity, gravity, air pressure, thrust, push, pull, electricity, magnetism and more.  It was a great way to kick off our thinking about what we could do for the Carlson Art and Science Fair.  Have you decided what you will do?  I hope you participate.  It is a GREAT event.
                            ************My Exploration Study of Germany************
Here are a few fun pictures of my trip to Germany.  The picture above and to the left are pictures of the Cologne Cathedral.  What year was it built?  Why was it built?  Did it get damaged in WWII? These are a few questions you could explore during your Germany Exploration your first week back to school.

I stayed in Eppstein, Germany just outside of Frankfurt, Germany.  Below are a couple pictures of castle ruins that are right in Eppstein.  Of course I explored those with my husband, sons, and grandkids.  Super cool!!  I know they started building the walls of this fortress in the year 1200.  Can you even imagine how old this is?!  It is soooooo cool.  

Of course there are some pics of my grandkids too.

As soon as I can I will add some pictures here of our reindeer puppet shows and our last day of school holiday break kick off celebration.  Keep checking back.  They will be here soon.
Today was our opportunity to learn about careers from parent and grandparent presenters.  It was COOL!!  Hopefully this will help as we consider Where in the World we see ourselves fitting into the community in which we live.  Will be pilots?  Scientists?  Computer programmers? Health and Wellness care takers?  So many choices!!  What are YOU passionate about?
Science Fridays:  We broke the kids into 2 groups and one group studied the planets, solar system and universe while the other group did life systems of plants and animals.  The kids with Ms. Fertig and I did the life systems class.  They created plants and labeled their parts and they studied animals and their adaptations to their habitat.  They also did a compare and contrast between the adult of their animal and the baby of their animal.  
So much has been going on!!  We had a science day, which in our room was like a maker's space day, we have been making economics games, it was Halloween, and we did another field trip, this time to city hall.  We got to meet the mayor, Jo Emmerson, who is up for reelection on November 7.  She has had the job for 2 full terms which is 8 years.  She is trying to win the vote for 4 more.
Just another day in the classroom studying up on the businesses we will be seeing tomorrow.  Clara discovered that Good Kids put a picture of us on their website/Facebook page.  How cool is that?  Check it out if you have time.  

The Thank you notes were great and they have been delivered.  Nice job everyone and be ready for another great day tomorrow.

Our study of our community started with mapping out the area.  We are now on to the economics of the area and studying how the money flows through the businesses of our community.  We are going to go on a series of walking field trips to get into those businesses and see them first hand as well as interview the people who run the business.  Today, October 11 we went to Good Kids, Lake Area Book sellers, Fleming Law Offices, and Kowalskis.  
                                    Deep Portage--5th Grade Rocks!
The 5th graders among us got to go to conservation/nature camp from October 4-6.  What an adventure!!  It is now their job to put the spirit of Deep Portage into the younger kids so the younger kids build their anticipation for their turn to go.  It was a beautiful week of outdoor learning at it's finest.  What an experience.  Here are a few shots to build the anticipation.  They canoed, rock wall climbed, completed base to Charlie, sang around the campfire and more.  Good times.
What a week.  We had our first walking field trip wherein we became cartographers and sketched/mapped out our route through White Bear Lake.  We noticed the big geographical feature which is the lake and saw many landmarks along the way.  Now we need to map it all out in a map that has a compass rose, clear boundaries, a key or legend, 10+ landmarks, a scale, a title, and your name.  You can do it!!
Also this week we did some reading outside in Mrs. Kovacs' reading group.  After all, we are reading outdoor adventure books so we are trying to feel it as well as read it.  Cool places to read at Lincoln school.

Finally, here's a shot of the after school patrol gang hanging out in my room.  Love them!!

  Most of the Gang:  Hanging out in front of Mrs. Kovacs' Desk
************************************We can work outside!!*******************************************
Outdoor classroom time.

On this day our reading group went outside to read.  We will be doing this a lot this fall since our literature circle groups are reading Fiction Adventure books that have an outdoor setting.  It's the perfect thing to read outside.

We will be working on reading forts too!

----------------------Summer Reading Award Winners with Mr. Schmidt------------------------
***Makerspace Rocks *** Makerspace Rocks *** Makersace Rocks***
It is time for a new year.  Are you ready?  My goal--more pictures on a more regular basis.  Let's see if I can make that happen.  2017-2018 here we come!!


    Here we Come!!

First Makerspace Day

is in the books!  We engineered, designed, created and built all kinds of cool things today.  Everything from bubble gum machines to model tree houses to Rube Goldberg machines, to hamster houses, to air boats to shields, to model trains to...the list goes on and one.  What a day!  

Clean up is still a struggle.  Practice.

            School Year 2016-2017--EM Week--Mrs. Kovacs goes to Turkey
View from their 4th floor apartment balcony. The Marmara Sea is in the distance. How big is this sea?  Do you think it's bigger, smaller, or about the same as the Great Lakes?
       The picture above in the left column is right outside the airport as we were leaving.

       The picture above on the right show us with Lydia and in the background is some of the massive city of Istanbul.  How big is Istanbul?  From the ferry it was city as far as the eye could see on both sides of the water.

      To the left is just another city view.

*Miss Lydia***Miss Lydia***Miss Lydia***Miss Lydia***Miss Lydia***Miss Lydia***Miss Lydia***
John Alan Christopher Kovacs---Jack---John Alan Christopher Kovacs---Jack--John Alan 
I am very excited for you to read my blog comment.  It has an interesting fun fact for you--actually, more like disgusting!!  I think my son didn't tell me about this as he was afraid I'd never visit.  Ha ha.  Will get outside and get more pictures tomorrow.  The temperature here was about like there but rainy and the people here consider it frigidly cold--they had on winter coats!!
***********************************Time for a New School Year!!***********************************

I got to spend the day with my husband, son John, and his family on Thursday.  My son who is a teacher too.  We went to Tamarack Nature Center and then were inspired to come home and build a survival shelter in our back yard.  I have been wanting to build one ever since that tree fell down but yesterday I stopped wanting to and actually did it!  My son helped me and we got it looking pretty good.  My grand son Jack did not like it one bit.  Hmmm...weird!  How'd we do?

               Native American Studies:  Habitats, homes, use of natural resources 

We migrated outside and found a habitat rich with natural resources we could use to make an outdoor classroom for each team/tribe or nation.  It is social studies coming alive for us as we build and adapt and prepare our space.  Check out the birch bark house made by one team.  One of the team members, smart bear, grabbed some birch bark from his families cabin and brought it to school.  Isn't it way cool?  The rest of the habitats are really cool too.  Way to go people.  I love your cozy habitats.  We will work IN them most of the time now rather than ON them.  Of course we will need to adapt them as the weather changes and snow arrives.

In the picture at the left Robbie is looking out of the birch bark house window.  Love it!!

             Explorations Takes a Field Trip to the Ramsey County Library 

                      The Whole Gang~The First Day of School 2015-1016 

School starts tomorrow, Tuesday, September 8, 2015.  Look how excited that makes me!!  I really love school.  Do you? 

Let's have a great year everyone.  A year full of learning and growth all while we are having FUN!!  

The 2015-2016 School Year Starts NOW!!

Here are some pictures of Vlad's recent student days!  First there's graduation back on June 5 with all his brother's in attendance and then there is off to college which should be a whole new student experience for him.  And we thought we were nervous!! We dropped him off a week ago Saturday and so far he is LOVING it.  

                                          5th Grade Track Meet--2015 

What a perfect day for a track meet!  Sun, warm breeze, four of the top WBL schools and the greatest class ever!! 

Congratulations to Jake for graduating from the U of M's science and engineering school.  We watched him on the jumbo tron! Here is a shot I took of Jake in his stuff with Joe and my husband John.  Look below to see a picture of ALL the graduates from the College of Science and Engineering--there were about 1000 of them!!  Yikes!!!!!!

    Jim graduating from The University Of St. Thomas School of Law!!  Celebrating with Jim is his wife Courtney. 

Two graduations in two days!  Here we are celebrating with everyone but Miss Emily, Joe's wife.  We are having breakfast at The Newsroom in Minneapolis.  See my mom, Jim's in-laws including the parents and brother, and my whole family. I do love that grandson, can you tell?  This is Saturday morning before Jim's graduation.

DARE day at the Twins Game. They won! There was a grand slam homer!  It was HOT!

Cutest Twins hat ever!  And it's on a pretty cute face, too. 

In the stands or on the field, this was a great event.  Hey, it was kind of like an outing with Mrs. Kovacs! There were smiles all around as kids watched the game, ate junk food, ran to the bathroom, ate more junk food, had their picture taken, bought more junk food...there was lots of eating going on! A good time was had by all.

         You're going to win Twins, You're going to score, You're going to win Twins, watch that baseball soar! 

 Check this out!  This guy is going about his morning business before the kids arrive today.  I took this picture from my jeep at 8:00 am this morning.  Beautiful.  I will miss this about Oneka as I head off to Lincoln!!  No pond there.

   We had so much fun making our Dr. Suess hats to wear to the I love Reading Celebration Assembly on Feb. 28!!

We got some pond time on Valentine's Day. We shoveled and played and then turned it over to 3rd and 4th grade to   

                   enjoy for the rest of the day.  I think a good time was had by all.  It's magical out there!

                           In this pond picture we have a visitor--it's my dog, Bailey.  See her?

February is "I LOVE 2 Read" month.  To honor the love of reading we went on a hunt to see who we could catch reading, and where.  Here's what we found: 

 Gotcha Ya!  Look who got caught reading.........

Caden in his cool habitat and Lauren just being cool doing 2 of the things she likes best--chewing on a sucker and READING!! 

          Lauren's dog loves it so much when she reads to him that he gives her a big old sloppy gratitude kiss. 

Maija's mom reads before going to bed and Maija's dog Oscar enjoys reading about dogs in National Geographic.  I took him for  

                                                                                                           more of a "Dog Fancy" guy.  Look how fancy he is.

Above we have a couple pictures from reading with Dr. Lovett.  Shoot, I forgot to take a picture when Joe Eckerle came to read to us.  To the right is a cool place TO read.  It is Caden's habitat at school and wow, it looks cozy!  I'd curl up and read in there. I bet I can catch him reading in there next week.

   Look who has been reading since she was a little girl, but in the bath tub? How was Ramona the Pest?

Oh man, check this out!  Tyler caught his dog reading!  How cute and smart is that puppy? 

I feel a poem coming on:  something rather Dr. Suessie that includes things like I can read both high and low... Write that poem in a blog and go straight to the prize bucket all month!

           Brad caught his mom kicking back, relaxing and reading while Lauren E. caught her dad reading intently on his computer. 

Megan got caught reading!  Baby Jack got caught reading too! 

    Reading is done best either when holding two balls or when hanging upside down from the standing up table! Gotcha David! 

                                       Lauren and Maija "chill" reading--I mean you would, wouldn't ya? 

                             Abby got caught reading.                                              Caden, are you reading or just looking at the pictures?

                                       Conner is reading intensely while Anthony and Mason read by the shade of the banana tree. 

                                                      Tyler is casually reading while Mia takes her reading very seriously. 

                                        Jake is reading while Rachel is photobomb reading.  Zander is stretching while he's reading.

I love 2 read **** I love 2 read **** I love to read **** I love to read **** I love to read **** I love to read **** I love 2 re

                                          Keep those pictures coming kids.  5th graders LOVE to read!! 

 Merry Christmas to Jack!  Look at this cool teepee I found for my grandson Jack.  I made the floor cover and pillows and love the star lights which are from Target.  Caden, Megan, I was thinking a sheet around your teepee frame is all you would need to have your habitat looking just about like this.  I crawled in there with him (I mean you would, wouldn't you?) and we read some books.  Unfortunately it works best if only about 1/2 of me is in there.  Oh well, I guess I could splurge for the bigger adult sized teepee like they had at Wargo last year.

 Long Lake:  A Trip to Remember!!

Check out this bus!  For the first time in Oneka history the 5th grade Long Lake trip involved a Coach bus!  We watched movies and even had wifi/!!  We left at 8:30 am on Wednesday, December 17.  It was beautiful weather and fun classes and as Brad says, the best part was "hanging with friends."  Remember, getting there is half the fun.

The first thing we did was have some lunch.  They told us it was possum soup.  Then they said they ran out of that and had to give us chicken noodle.  Shucks!  I was really looking forward to possum soup, weren't you?  Check out Abby photo bombing this photo.

New this year was a class called "survival shelters" where you actually built a shelter!  Do you remember the rules of 3? Well after 3 hours, you are to start thinking about building a survival shelter.  Our class was GREAT at building these since they are very similar to our habitats that we build in our own school forest.  There were just so many more assets here!!  If only we could drag these sticks back to our school yard.  We could have these at home!  There are 4 more rules in the "rules of 3".  Blog a comment about them and you can have 4 tickets next year.

Survival shelters wrapped up and we moved on to another new activity this year--archery.   It was so much fun to shoot arrows into the targets.  Here we have some kids taking aim and shooting away.  This took place in the North Star Lodge large meeting room.  Check out some of the stuffed animals that live in that building.  Yikes!

One of the evening activities involved journaling in the cafeteria.  We also got to shop in the canteen during that time and play with games, puzzles and of course, the sandboxes.  Fun stuff, for sure. Of course, as usual, the best part was hanging out with our friends and your favorite teacher, ME!!  And who could forget eating popcorn, stacking chairs and folding up the tables.  

Following are some more buddy shots, large group shots, shots of kids coming and going from the thicket and deer browse and the lake hike, orienteering and more.  How did we cram so much into 3 short days?  There was hardly a minute to spare.  My favorite part of Long Lake is the smiling faces of all my favorite kids in the beautiful outdoors!  Not one kid missed having electronics or a t.v.  Such a great experience.  I wish we could go back in the spring when we could canoe and fish and ...don't you just love being outside?  I do!

       A bunk room/cabin in the Northstar Lodge. 

The whole gang together for evening announcements and a recap of the day.  Learning about the 5 "Bs" which are the only reason to leave your room. 4 tickets to everyone who blogs a couple of those "Bs" or some of the "3s" from survival shelters.  Also, this room doesn't smell great so be glad this is not a scratch and sniff picture!  No kidding!

     The whole gang--except Gunther, not sure where he was, and Lars who had mono and had to stay home. 

Thanksgiving Taste Fest:  A chance to give thanks for our wonderful classroom friends. 

Here are some fun pictures of our super fun Thanksgiving Taste Fest.  I was cooking up a storm (if you can count opening cans and hitting "go" on the microwave as cooking) while the kids were busy visiting centers at the all school science day. Our focus was on food that might have been at the actual first Thanksgiving.  Hey, is that an Oreo I see?  Hmm....

         Look who came to eat with us!  It's Jake-- He's a senior at the U of M and graduates with an engineering degree in May. 

                   Science Fair:  A Chance to Show Off What We Learned! 

Look at all that great learning and sharing of information and loving every minute of it

 Welcome to Ms. Jaslow, the new assistant teacher in the room.  She graduated from WBL the year after Joe Kovacs and was friends with Joe's wife, Emily.  She is a really fun addition to our classroom and has jumped right in and made herself helpful and productive.  She is so much fun to work with!!  

Above left is a shot of our turkey babies in the bird house just inside the habitat of the butter cups.  Aren't they cute hanging out in the tree?  Next to that we have Megan in her very warm and toasty combination igloo/teepee.  What a cool outdoor learning habitat.  Next to this box we have two of the other teammates in their borough.  I wonder if it's burrow or borough, or what. Someone please check that out for me and blog me and let me know.  Below we have more outside study shots taken on Nov. 20 in 15 degree weather.  Knowing how to dress, how to hunker down and how to make the most of your natural resources really helps to keep  a person warm.  Way to go kids!!

 At the Movies with Mrs. K: Here are about 1/3 of us. The ones not waiting in line for popcorn, candy and treats.  Check out the super cool glasses. Look at the shot of our new friends, the Big Hero 6 Gang! Very engineering movie that inspired creativity in all of us.  I can't wait to see what this group of smarty pants comes up with some day.  

                                                      Halloween 2014--It was a Very Fun Year!

                                                 Mrs. Kovacs' Class of 2014-2015--The Whole Gang! 

Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

First installment of "Outings With Mrs. K."


We have been very busy already this year in 5th grade.  We have gone on 2 biking field trips and Wargo!  Wow!  We migrated outside to chose an environment, worked in our outdoor classroom, worked with varsity football players and more.  It is hard to keep up with us, we are always on the move!  This group is AMAZING!  What an enthusiastic, excited, engaged, ready to learn group.  I love this class!


            WARGO HERITAGE LAB where Social Studies came alive.  We immersed ourselves in pioneer life!

 ***Biking field trip to city hall and the memory care residents.  Leaving Lion's Park.***

             Reading, Working and Visiting with real WBL Varsity Football Players 

On my husband's non birthday (Feb. 29) he surprised me with my dream car as a birthday present for my March 13th birthday.  I am proudly displaying it in the traveling teacher spot (sorry traveling teachers) of the back parking lot. Yesterday was a pretty big day for me--Oscar at the staff meeting and new jeep parked in the garage when I got home.  Here is a picture of my 2013-2014 5th graders on a field trip to the new car.  Sami wanted me to open the hood--sorry Sami, I don't know how to do that---yet!  Happy birthday to me!  Guess I'll have to change the card "Mr. Kovacs will buy Mrs. Kovacs a car for her birthday" on my likelihood line from "probably not" to CERTAIN.  Thanks honey, I love my new car!!   ORANGE AND BLACK JEEP!!  Go Bears!

 Watch this for a preview of our trip to Long Lake: Dec. 18-20

                    *************************************************                                                            *********************************************************

The front row is John's wife Pam

The next row is Joe, Jim and John

The back row is Vlad and Jake

This is my back deck, pretty flowers, huh?


The picture to the right is the gang before Vlad and wives.  It is from 3 years ago.


The picture underneath is just for fun.  Mr. O'Malley carved the pumpkins!

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