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 Updated November 8, 2018    notice: I don't always remember to change the date.  


Spelling Words Nov. 12-16:









Native Americans




The test will be on Friday, November 16, 2018.


We are currently working on plotting polygons on a grid coordinate plane.  If it's on a grid coordinate plane you can find the dimensions without a measuring tool sometimes.

We are making geo-model homes.  Here are the Geo-Model


1. Have a working model.  Watch the 3 d paper home video for directions.

2.  Have a list of area and perimeter measurements to accompany your model.

   a.  You need 10 perimeter measurements.  Tell what the measurement is for (example:  wood trim around the bedroom door) and then tell what the measurement is making sure to LABEL your work.  Finally, EXPLAIN how you found the answer.

       i.  you need 5 to be the perimeter of a complex or interesting shape.

      ii.  The rest are your choice perimeter measurement.

     b.  The AREA of at least 10 things in your home.  (example:  the floor space in the bathroom--how many tiles are needed.)  Make sure to tell how you found the answer AND LABEL the answer correctly.  

       i.  5 items need to be complex shapes, and 2 of those need to have a triangle involved in some way.

      ii.  The rest are your choice.

You can find more.

You can add style and design choices.

Be creative and have fun!!

The Geo-Models are due Friday, November 16.  

 Social Studies/

Science Homework:

We are currently thinking about simple machines in our room.

Blog a comment that tells (in a complete sentence) something you have learned about simple machines and you can have 10 tickets.  This offer is good all next week and you can blog new things you have learned as we go.  LOTS of tickets to be earned, for sure.

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