Isn't that so exciting.  I feel like some kids think home, school, parents, teachers, never the twain shall meet.  But alas, my darlings, we are meeting TODAY!!

I can't wait to hear what your parents have to say about you and I can't wait to tell them what I know.  Will you be there to hear the conversation? 

Love love loved Jessie's math problem.  I am happy to give up a trip to the prize bucket to anyone who writes another wonderful math word problem.  But don't solve it!  Then, anyone who responds with a correct answer of some kind either a. the equation that solves it, b. the situation label the problem is, or c. the answer can have 4 tickets.  But if someone else has already given the answer, then it won't count and you'll have to give one of the other kinds of answers.

Good luck.   See some of you tomorrow.  Read, math and create some artist cards.   Mrs. Kovacs