Follow this link to read the Black Bear Press.  It has articles, ideas for making dog toys, polls that also show you results, and more.  It is informative and fun.  Check it out.

Preview attachment BBP #5: 2020/2021BBP #5: 2020/2021Shared in Drive

Read the paper and follow the link to the website and then blog a comment on this site to earn yourself 10 tickets!  Just say what you liked about the paper and noticed about the website and you can have 10 tickets on Monday, October 19.  

Remember to practice friluftsliv over the next 4 days.

Remember that the Deep Portage Mini Experience is Monday and Tuesday and it WILL be outside.

Remember to work on your Where in the World Project.  By next Friday you need :

1. a Research paper
2. an Artifact
3. a Map
4. 2 had drawn illustrations
5. 3 printed pictures
6. An itinerary for a trip planned to that place OR a short fictional story about a trip to that place
7. An above and beyond piece--you have seen classmates ideas.

You will set up a display of all this stuff on Friday, Oct. 23 at your house and give a flip-grid presentation of your project.  WE watched examples.  I can link that if people want to see it.  Just let me know in a blog or email me.

Happy out door living.

Mrs. Kovacs