Brianna forgot her bowls and someone forgot their Kendama.  Merrina forgot her fruit snacks and drinks and she and Kaylyn both have some grade sheets to pick up if they want them but other than that, ...just kidding.  Teachers are here tomorrow so come on up and get your stuff.  Cody, did you remember your hocky stick?

I can't believe how sad you all were.  It made me sad to see you so sad.  It is an emotional time, for sure. But it is exciting too.  Think of cool it will be to be in middle school!  I am so proud of all of you and I just know that you will be the best middle schoolers ever. 

Don't forget to blog me all summer long.  Send me pictures and I'll post them for others to see, too.  Know that I am missing you and hope to run into you at Cup N Cone or MarketFest or somewhere fun. Happy summer!! :)