I can do that.  Today's chocolate challenge is for you to make up a math word problem that has Yobbie in it.  It should require the reader to add or subtract or simplify or in some way use fractions.  You can do it.  Yobbie, this should be easy for you. 

We rocked out the reading MAP test with a whopping 78% of us reaching our goal.  What is 78% of 27 kids?  I will tell you.  That is 21 kids!!  Of the other 6, 4 went up and got close to their goal and 2 actually went down.  Hmmm...how can that be?  I just know it was that it was a bad testing day for those two and they really DID learn a ton this year.  They just weren't able to show it or prove it on this test. 

In math, we are still waiting to see if we made 75% or not.  We have a couple more to go.  Maybe we will know by tomorrow.  Hey, tomorrow we are going to MAYBE get together with our first grade buddies to do some editing of their writing.  They are struggling with capital letters, punctuation, complete sentences and that kind of thing.  I said we could edit away.  We are also going to go nuts on glogster.  Sounds fun, huh?  See ya tomorrow.