All I can say about this day is Yikes.  Also, I hope not to have another one like it for quite some time.  Weeds sprouted up all over and it was quite a tiresome job being the gardner today.  I think some of the flowers were feeling a bit choked out by the weeds as well.  I do know that the weeds are keeping the flowers from blooming and reaching their full potential.   I will be getting some serious tools for getting rid of the weeds.  If you think some of your behavior was a bit "weedy" today, you had better warn mom and dad that they might be getting calls at work.  Our next step is to have parent calls and confessions.  It starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are taking one of the MAP tests.  The other one will be later in the week. 

Today's BHTQ has to do with the area of a triangle.  When might you need to know what the "space inside" a triangle measures?  Write a real world example and post it as a comment and you can have 4 tickets.

Get some sleep, review classroom appropriate behavior and be ready to shine tomorrow.    Mrs. Kovacs