Come on you guys, you need to write to me. 

Hey, did you all see Jordan's coolio book project?  I just love it when you make up games that go with your book.  I will always let you have a chance to play them.  Good creative ideas, Jordan.  More kids will play it tomorrow.

Today's BHTQ is:  blog an idea of how you are going to remember which one is the column and which one is the row when looking at a table of information.  Which one is horizontal and which one is vertical.  You will get some tickets for all your hard work.  Aren't tables fun?

I hope you are all feeling ok--some of you kids sound like you are getting sick.  It is not a fun sickness, let me just warn you.  Eat lots of fruit and drink your juice.  Get plenty of sleep and maybe you'll be lucky enough to fight this nasty "crud" off.

See you tomorrow.  Be sure and bring a book to read.          Mrs. Kovacs