So the doctor gave me a different kind fo medicine and I took one and about a half hour later threw up.  What's up with that?  Now I'm scared to take another one because I don't know if it was the medicine that made me sick or something else.  I also had taken a pain reliever and drank a TON of Cranberry juice and for sure that can make a person want to be sick.  Anyway, for some reason I do have less pain and feel somewhat better so I plan to see you all at school tomorrow.

The BHTQ from yesterday's comment from me still stands.  Look down one entry and you will see it near the bottom.  It has to do with our turkeys and baby books.

Tomorrow I am making my own turkey!  Also, we are all going to make baby books for our babies.  We are also going to write about our turkey's first few days at home.  I am kind of excited about this turkey project, are you?

How did the afternoon go.  A second BHTQ has to do with that.  Blog a comment about the day from YOUR point of view and that's 2 tickets.  Then, blog a comment about the afternoon from Mrs. Raymond's point of view.  What would she tell me about the day?  That comment will get you another 2 tickets.  Have I lost my mind?  I'm giving away tickets like their water!!

See you tomorrow.         Mrs. K