You may feel free to start thinking about what cool things you might want to bring to make our winter village/scene wonderful.  Do you have snow?  How about a little car or two?  What ideas do you have for trees?  After each group has had the opportunity to come over and work on the area and perimieter of the buildings we will move on to creating the village scene.  Each IE group will be able to "build" their buildings next week. 

I discovered how to get into my GLOG page and so tomorrow we are going to start checking out a couple of glog pages as part of our social studies lesson.  Maybe the creators will come in and present their pages to us.  Just a thought.

So, we are currently in a unit called That's Amazing in literacy.  We are also about to embark on our Troll study.  How do thsoe two things go together, do you think?  Hmmm....Blog a comment about including what you know about AMAZING stories and what you know about Trolls.  If you do this, you may go straight to the prize bucket.  FUN!!   

Have a great night.  Bring your thinking cap to school tomorrow and leave your bully behavior and your non-stop talking snide comment gene at home.  We have some work to do!                          Mrs. Kovacs