Man, there was no happy medium in the report about my class today.  It seems you were either someone who was helpful and fantastic and fabulous OR you were tanking it up at the bottom of the heap.  Why?  What is going on?  I hear Ms. Dahlem at to call parents and deal with some of your antics.  Why?  Oh my, I am pretty disappointed in a couple of you.  You know who you are.  To the rest of you--THANKS for being great helpers.

Today's morning paper asked you to consider the fact that you only have 31 days left in your elementary school career and decide what kind of legacy you want to leave behind you.  Think about it tonight.  Blog your thoughts and I will give you 10 tickets tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will move on in the read aloud book.  I can't wait!!  See ya then.  

PS:  Tell your parents the Twin's tickets came home and give them to them for safe keeping.