So Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer almost had a different name.  I will give you two tickets if you blog a comment about what other names the story writer almost used instead.

The BHTQ has to do with why the story writer had Rudolph be a picked on reindeer.  If you can explain why in 3 sentences or more, you may have 4 tickets.  Hint:  Who did he fashion Rudolph after?

Finally, our afternoon behaviors continue to be a problem.  Hmmm...In the morning it's like I'm teaching a lesson on how to teach as the little children are all sweetly working and lapping up the information and are interested learners.  The afternoon, not so much.  What is going on?  What can you personally do to help the problem?

And remember:    Work on your self-control.  **Control your negative thoughts—tell yourself “I can do this” rather than “I can’t”.  **Control your behaviors—count to 10 before speaking or acting after someone makes you angry.  **Control your tongue—only say things that are nice, positive, and helpful.  **Control your actions—don’t break your pencil, don’t tip on your chair, don’t push and shove, don't dig in your desk.  And always remember—you can only control you!  If someone is bugging you move away, don’t try to control them, you can’t!!  Please remember these things and work on them this week.

Tomorrow we'll create our reindeer puppets and write our scripts for our puppet shows.  It should be a fun day if everyone can simply stay IN CONTROL.

Have a snowy, winter wonderland night!         Mrs. Kovacs