We focused on hereos today and it was fun.  Most of you count your parents as heroes and many of you count your siblings as heroes too.  Very cool.  Mr. Doebler was our guest reader and he came in and read us a good book about a baseball player who is now very famous and plays for the Yankees.  His story was about a game in which he played bad.  What did he do about that?  Did he give up and say "baseball is stupid" or "I hate baseball" or even "I'm no good at baseball"?  No way.  He dug in, practiced harder and more often and created mental images of himself being successful.  And he sure is!  His name is Alex Rodrigus and his nick name is A-Rod. 

Mr. Doebler talked with us about heroes including some everyday heroes.  I look forward to hearing from some guest readers next week as well. 

Work on your fraction books and do the fraction homework.  "Fractions are so much fun!" is a quote I heard from a kid or two as we were working on them today.  I have the chocolate bars here so next week we will take apart those candy bars and look at them in terms of fractions.  Would you rather have 1/4 of the a Hershey Bar or 1/3?  Would you rather have 2/6 of the bar or 3/6ths?  Hmm...is there an equivilant fraction for 2/6?  Would you prefer to have 2/4 of the candy bar or 1/2?  Blog a comment about this math and let me know what you think.  Bloggers will get tickets and maybe the extra chocolate pieces.  Yummm!!!