My title has a figurative language example.  What is it called?

Friday I was gone to site visits to look at programs already in existence for what I will be teaching next year.  I got to see Ms. Stamson which was a highlight for me for sure.  I really miss her.  Now that she and I will be doing the same thing next year, just on opposite ends of the city, maybe we will have an excuse to get together more often and share ideas.  

Then, I got dropped off at Rosedale where I hurried up and ate with Joe and Jake and my husband John before running off to Jake's college graduation.  The graduation took 2 1/2 hours and hurry there!  Then we jumped on the light rail and headed to Nicollet Mall in search of cheese cake but found it was a wild place so we hurried back to the U and settled for Applebee's on campus.  I didn't get home until 1 am.  Then we hurried and went to bed so we could hurry and get up the next morning and hurry off to Nicollet Mall again to meet everyone for a celebration breakfast before we had to hurry off to Jim's graduation from St. Thomas Law School.  I can't believe 2 of my kids are teachers, like me, and one of them is a lawyer, like I used to be.  Then we had to hurry back to WBL to go to a wedding for a family friend.  Finally, we hurried off to bed so we could get up and hurry off to church and then hurry through the grocery store so we could hurry home and cook flank steak on the grill (Ummmmm) as ALL our kids and their wives and my grandson and mom were coming over for a celebration dinner.

I need to not hurry!!  let's slow it down this week.