I checked out the mobile lap top lab for Friday but we didn't get to use it!  We ended up going to see a way cool fire truck--walking through it ever--so we'll have to use it on Monday.

So, a BHTQ is needed.  Hmmm...what should I do? I guess I will give you 4 tickets if you blog a response to the question: "What are a few of the really cool things we did last week in school?"  Of courese this is "really cool" in your opinion.  No right or wrong answer.  Your comment must be at least 2 sentences long!!  That means you are getting 2 times as many tickets as you are having to write sentences!!

I am excited for next week because we are going to jump into some cool literature circle books for reading time AND we are going to start our Monster Maker / poetry project.  We need to start it already because we have 2 short weeks and then BAM! it's Fall Festival and Halloween week.  We will be ready.

Remember kids, don't sit around waiting for the world to change--jump in and change it!!           Mrs. K