Where in the world did you go this weekend?
I went nowhere but husband went to Ely fishing with 24 guys from his office.  He said it was fun.  But cold.

Where in the world will you go next?

Speaking of where in the world, how is your project coming?  We will do some check ins next week to be sure you are where you need to be and will be able to finish your work in time for our flip grid museum on October 23.

So.....I tried to give my dog a hair cut this weekend.  I only got half done.  He looks goofy.  I'll have to finish this coming week.  I also tried to clean up a store room space in our house and only got half done with that too.  BUT....the reason I only got half done with those things is that I got to spend the weekend with Kennedy.  Totally worth it.  She's so fun and funny and sweet.  She's my 2 year old granddaughter.  I'll show you a couple pictures next week.

See you tomorrow.  Mrs. K