After 2 IN days in a row and 2 four day weekends in a row the kids may be a bit shell shocked at school tomorrow.  "Really, we have to come tomorrow?" I overheard some kid say in the bus line today.  Yes kids, you do have to come back tomorrow.

Nate, we still miss you!  Alex brought a ton of stuff home for you.  Just do what you can.

Tomorrow we will wrap up our monster poems and continue our work on our contributions poster for social studies.  I hope we can get some science in too.  With any luck we'll read in our scary stories and talk about what makes something a mystery.  For a quick trip to the bucket, no need to pass go and collect 200 tickets or anything, blog a comment about whether or not you like scary stories or mysteries.  Explain why you like them or why you don't.  To qualify for the quick trip you need to have at least 4 sentences in your comment.  To anyone who can't blog, simply write out the explanation about mysteries and your opinion about them and give it to me in the morning and then you too can head straight to the bucket.

For 2 tickets, write a sentence that is full of alliteration and put in on the blog page.
For 2 more tickets, write a simile or metaphore and blog that as a comment as well.

See you tomorrow--ya, that's right, you're coming back again tomorrow--Mrs. Kovacs