Please don't panic, I am sure we will have scratch unblocked soon.  Olivia told me she could always get on.  She has scratch bookmarked.  Hmm...maybe you should all bookmark it.  I just don't get how one second it works just fine and the next second everyone is getting a blocked message.  So weird.  Mrs. Kendall is all over it and working hard to get it fixed.  Time will tell I guess.  We will have to check back tomorrow.

There is a symmetry piece of homework that is mostly fun to do.  Do a bit of it and go from there.  If you do 10 letters that is fine with me.  If it is fun, you can do them all.  Robbie says he's going to do letters AND numbers.  Wow!  He is going above and beyond.  I love it!!  I will give tickets to people who go above and beyond tonight.

Today's ticket question has to do with math.  Write a sentence or two on the blog about a vocab word YOU or your group worked on in math today.  Tell the word, tell what it means and you can have 4 tickets tomorrow.