Today was a shower for Courtney and Jim.  Pamela was giving it and we used my mom's house.  It was pretty fun.  Courtney got lots and lots of really pretty things.  And some fun ones too.  She got a tent and air mattress and a large cooler.  They are already talking about how much fun they will have using that this summer.  Courtney has never been camping!  Shocking.  We have a favorite site at O'Brien State Park and we plan to go there as a whole big group this summer.  That should be super fun.

I just watched some interesting video.  Hmmm...I wonder what Mr. Kovacs was doing while I was at the shower.

Well, he did go buy me a dozen roses for my anniversary tomorrow.  They are beautiful.  I LOVE them.  He wrote a note that said, "I love you more than life itself."  How much is that?  Lots!!  He also bought and carried a whole pick up truck bed of bark chips.  We have a grad party to get ready for.  He also started the laundry.

I was tearing up during the video because it's very good.

Now I am off to buy some flowers to start doing the planting.  The guys are all golfing--the burgundy jacket is on the line.  I will post a picture of the winner for you lest you die of suspense.  John wants to win it and take it back to DC to show his classes of 7th graders.  Jim wants to win it and tell Courtney he is going to wear it instead of a tux for the wedding.  Joe just wants to win it and Jake has his pride on the line as the current holder of the jacket.  Vlad is on his computer cause he hates golf.  Jordan--the Marston Scotts are playing for the jacket too.  Young Scott might have a chance to win it.

Gotta run.  Have a great weekend.  Oh, Joe ate one of the choc bars so I have to stop and buy another so when Mr. Kovacs goes to get it out of the freezer tonight (he likes them frozen) there's one in there for him.  He says THANKS to Maddie and he can't help it if everyother picture in the video is of her!!  Thanks Maddie for the chocolate.  It's paying off!!