My head is spinning--we did so much and have so much to do!

There will be no new story next week, no spelling words and no IE time.  We wrapped up my IE "Keep in Touch" unit by going to the computer lab and blogging on this website.  Oh my, we had to have a discussion about appropriate use of blog space, language, and even that this is a permenant written record of your ideas that ANYONE can log onto and read.  One kid said, "How do you delete!"  Trust me, some of them needed to know how to delete a lot sooner.  Live and learn, next time I'll have the talk before we go in and start blogging.

My IE group also got letters back from their pen pals in the high school.  What fun.  They actually cheered when I told them their letters were here.  Two kids have written right back.  We talked about how much fun it is to get mail and how they should keep that in mind and maybe send a note or two.  Other people like getting mail too.

Next week we will wrap up Chapter 3 in the social studies book--The Peopling of America.  There will be a test on Wednesday morning, before the big bash.  We also have to wrap up the math test and then we are going to work a bit on large number computation.

In planning our Wednesday afternoon party I tried to talk the kids into bringing gifts for the family who had a house fire or Latvian orphans or the classroom instead of having boys bring boy gifts and girls bring girl gifts and then exchange.  Many kids got the point that they don't need another 3-5 dollar item.  Some were not convinced .  We voted and it was close.  Someone suggested we do both but now that seems like too much.  I'm giving myself the weekend to decide and then Monday I'll send home a note.  Parents, if you read this, go ahead and send a comment my way about your thoughts on the matter.  I just can't believe these guys need one more little trinket yet I do understand it's fun to open gifts. really was a tie in the voting.

Have a great weekend and let me know your thoughts on the gift exchange.         Mrs. Kovacs