There were 20 kids plus Mr. Doebler, 2 nieces and a nephew, my mom, my husband, Vlad and me at the back to school party.  Check out the summer vacation tab to see a couple of pictures.  It was a fun time.  There was frisbee golf, putting, corn hole, wiffle ball at a real ball field, the inside slide, ping pong, foosball, food and more.  It was fun to have your names written on my driveway in the colorful sidewalk chalk but sadly the rain has washed it away.  Good thing some of you wrote your names on the wall in the basement so I have proof that you were here.

Several people have done their homework already, way to go!  I am really excited for the first day of school.  We have many fun things to do.  Do you wonder what they are? 

See you rip roarin' ready to go in a couple of days.                    Mrs. Kovacs