The sun came out, the temperature is moderate, what a happy day.

The Garden Packet is due on Friday, September 25.  We spend 5 whole minutes talking about the pages that are due and all that.  It is tricky:  everyone has to do pages 1-9 and class time was given.  Everyone has to do the poem too.  IF you are a 5th grader you have to do ALL the required flowers in the guide and 3 of your own choosing.  IF you are a 4th grader, do 4 required and 2 of your own choosing.  IF you are a 3rd grader, do 3 of the required and 1 of your own choosing.  Then choose EITHER the vocab page or the CREATE your own flower page and get 'er done.  Draw a picture of our class as a garden but the rest is ALL optional.  Remember, tickets will be given for kids who do some optional pages.

Tomorrow we will work on the MAP test during reading and math blocks new homework tomorrow so...pace yourself accordingly!

Walking field trip next Wednesday so get your form in by Friday.  It should be FUN!!  We could use a couple parents to help monitor the walking so...let us know if you can go.  4 tickets to everyone who gets their permission slip in tomorrow, Wed. Sept. 23.  2 tickets to everyone who reminds their classmates on the blog to get their slip in!

Have a great night.
See you all tomorrow.