Wear orange tomorrow to unite with the WORLD (or at least our school district) to show unity against bullying.  Stop the bullying, stop it now!  I have orange ribbon here you can tie around your wrist if you miss reading this before you get dressed.

The power points are coming along.  Remember, you are each other's best asset when it comes to technology.  Find a friend and ask for help--trust me, your friends are better at the computer than I am!  We will hit them again hard tomorrow just taking a break for science and to correct our own quick quiz in math.  We are in charge of cafe time tomorrow.  We will be reading Mrs. Spitzer's Garden and doing flowers. 

Blog a comment that gives me your opinion on what kind of garden we should create:  a mural (where each kid draws a flower in his or her family's area of the garden) or a 3-d one where each family makes a flower and writes their names on the petals and then plants the flower in the garden.  I can't decide which would be cooler.  What do you think?  A blogged comment on this issue will get you an immediate trip to the prize bucket.  That's right, Mr. Doebler, even you can go to the prize bucket--we'll bring it to PE tomorrow.

Blog a comment that shares with the class what one of your goals is for the year and you can have 2 tickets.  I wonder if a goal buddy would help us reach our goals--like someone to help us keep focused and share our successes and our worries.  Goal buddies--hmm...maybe.

Tomorrow we also have to talk about IR at our morning meeting.  It's time.              See ya tomorrow  Mrs. Kovacs