Wow, we had quite a day.  First, we got to meet the kindergarteners and they were so cute!  Fun!  Even more fun though is to see how cute the 4th grade students are when they are helping the Kindergarteners.  What great, gentle helpers they can be.  What an awesome experience for all of us!!  Then, there was the school dance celebration.  It was even way more awesome and fantastic and fun then I could have imagined it would be.  Every kid in the room had on a  big smile. (Even the ones who won't admit it, right Jordan?)  Every teacher, parent, and other staff member in the room had on a big smile.  What a wonderful thing it was to get to celebrate our school and our schoolmates through dance.  Next year we should invite the superintendant of schools, Dr. Lovett.  He would love it!!

My only regret is that we didn't have time to write about it in our life journals.  This is the kind of thing we need to write about and include in our life journals.  We really MUST write about it on Monday.  Hopefully we will still be able to capture the magic of the event when Monday comes.

We had time to fit in some math before we continued reading our new read aloud book The Family Under the Bridge.  We moved from that to A Very Important Day and we read the oath for new citizens.  YIKES!!  It is full of hard words and hard concepts.  Then we worked on our "All of the Other Reindeer" stories.  The one I got to edit were really fun.  I can't wait until Monday when we can publish them and put them up in the hall to share and build on our display we started.

I guess I have another regret--we haven't started our presents for parents yet.  YIKES!!  When are we going to fit it all in.  Maybe we'll have to have longer days at school!!  Can you come at 7 and stay until 7 everybody?  Just kidding--though maybe...

Today's BHTQ has to do with the school dance celebration.  Blog a comment on the dance that tells which dance is your favorite, who you thought was the most fun to dance with (Kindergarteners, 2nd graders, classmates, teachers whoever) and what you thought about the dance in general.  Was it fun?  Would you like to do it again some day?  What could we do differently to make it more fun?  Little things like that.  You will get a ticket a sentence up to 6 sentences.  Blog on!!

Have a great weekend.  I think it's supposed to snow a ton so stay safe and warm in your cozy house and enjoy the wonder of winter.       Mrs. Kovacs