So much to do, so little time!  How will we get it all in? 

We have yet to get in the fraction chocolate thing but no worries, we will.  Monday we will finish reading the fraction books you wrote and right after that we will share the chocolate bars.  Right now I have only 4 kids to eat the chocolate.  Hmmm...what's up with that?  I have 6 bars and 4 kids.  How much could they each have?  TOO MUCH!  I will only use 2 bars with four kids so how much will each one get?  Each bar is divided into 12 pieces.  How many 12ths will each kid get if there are only 4 kids?  Blog some answers to these questions and you will get a trip to the bucket.

So what is going on with Shoeless Joe?  Why is his story sad?  Make a prediction in a blog comment and you may have 4 tickets.  If you're right, you can join the chocolate group.  [the book we are reading has not even hinted at the problem in Sheless Joe's baseball life.  How will you make a prediction that is right?  What could you do to find out about Shoeless Joe?]

Have a great weekend.  I am so glad I will get to have most of you again next year.  Otherwise this is when I start to get sad and start to miss you even before you are gone.  I love you guys!!      Mrs. Kovacs