Just think, you will be the Oneka Graduating 5th grade class of 2014.  Are you ready?

Please check out this site and visit some of the tabs and try to learn as much about what is on this site as you can in the next few days.  After you've clicked around and done some looking and some reading, blog a comment on this tab.  There are a couple options but the one used most often by my former students is to scroll to the bottom of this page, click on the last page number that shows (as of this writing it's 263 but I bet it will be AT LEAST 264 by the time school starts) and then read through the most recent comments made by others.  Click on POST A COMMENT to make your own comment.  You should do this as it is required by the homework sheet that came in your back to school kit.  Then you also need to reply to a couple other kids notes.  This is a great way to communitcate with me and your classmates all day long.

Enjoy your last days of summer.  What will you do?  Read a book?  Go to the fair?  Run up to the cabin?  Swim, eat, bike, and all those good things?  Get outside and be ready to hit the ground running on Tuesday.  See ya then.  Mrs. Kovacs