So I am just minding my own business, trying to respond to Rachel's blog comment about fall ball when it happens, my computer refuses to post my comment.  I retype it.  Denied again.

Hmmm...could it be that I listed a book title and told the author's name?  That seems weird.  So I try a test post that just says test post and it works.  So I try again saying ballet shoes and the author's name.  Denied.  My husband looks into it and can't figure it out and tells me it must be "operator error".  That means he thinks I am doing something wrong.  So cute.

So I try a test post that just says ballet shoes and it won't post.  Come on!  I try a test post that doesn't say ballet shoes and it posts!  What does my Yola website have against ballet shoes?  The message I get when I try to post is that the site administrator (that's me) has to approve my message before it can post.  I go to the site manager and can't find anyplace to look at unapproved things so that I can approve it.  HELP! 

Anyway, the good book I read is Ballet Shoes by Noel Sheafield and I loved it.  Today, perhaps Dancing Shoes.