The kids were talking about another Outing with Mrs. Kovacs and we are tenatively looking at Nov. 14 to see the movie Big Hero 6.  I promise it won't always be movies but they are pretty excited so it may be a movie again this time.  We will get to bowling, ice skating and other things, I promise.

It is starting to get cold but that just means bundle up, not stay inside.  Kids need fresh air so we will continue to head outside.  We will be adapting our clothing and our habitats to the weather.  This week we discovered that if you get down low in the tall weeds and grasses it is WARM!!  We are learning from the deer.

Another great week of learning in 5th grade!  Have a great weekend.  Next week we will finalize our digital Native American Museum, wrap up Chapter 4 in SS and move on to Chapter 5, continue to read and talk and write about our reading, work on prefixes and see how they change the meaning of a root or base word, work on graphs and charts that have gynormous numbers and decimals and...we are swamped.