Weeds that need to be pulled include blurting out, talking when the teacher or a classmate is talking, bullying, etc.  Blog a comment about what this has to do with weeds and where in the world I got the idea to call these weeds and you can have 4 tickets.

Following that same analogy, what are the "tools" a teacher uses?  In the book Mrs. Spitzer readies the soil and gets the rake and hoe ready for work.  What does a teacher get ready and what tools does he or she use?  Answer these questions and you can have an immediate trip to the prize bucket.

I'm going to add some different things to the prize bucket.  For example, I may add "use of the reading area for a day for you and your team" or "use of the colorful adorondak chairs during working time for you and 3 friends".  I might add a coupon for a "get out of homework" pass that you can keep and use when you just don't have the time.  Hmm...do you have any other ideas of things that might be fun to win?  Blog me.

Have a great weekend.