One week down, a few more to go!  But what a wonderful week it was.  We really really had a great first week and I am excited to come back on Monday.  We have so many fun things planned that I can hardly wait to come back and get started on them.  I wonder if you guys feel that way too.  Blog a comment to let me know how you are feeling about the first week and you can have a couple tickets.

I owe Rachel time to write on the sidewalks and I owe the rest of you a ticket drawing.  You will add in your two tickets that I gave you at meet the teacher.  Let's do all that on Monday.

It is supposed to be a lovely weekend and I have 3 things on my list of things I want to do.  First, a bike ride.  I didn't get enough bike riding in this summer and I want a ride.  Second, I want to read the newspaper in the screen porch.  I didn't spend enough time reading in my screen porch this summer.  Finally, I want to eat at least 2 meals outside this weekend.  I'll blog you Sunday night to let you know if I accomplished my goals or not. 

Have a great weekend.             Mrs. Kovacs