Testing is behind us for all but 2, 3 if you count kids in Mrs. Stonehouse's class.  Our numbers are fantastic and we should be celebrating!  

And we are.  On Friday, the movie day, we are going to have Celebration Sundays.  Alliteration without the look of alliteration.  Tonight's ticket question is:  Which movie would you rather have showing in our room:  High School Musical. Big Hero 6, Spy Kids or Puss N Boots (an old ogre tale that predates Shrek).  Blog a comment that says which movie you vote for and WHY.  If you do, you can have 6 tickets tomorrow plus your voice will be heard.  In fact, you could say you have 2 votes that way as I will consider those votes PLUS I'll have you vote in class.

Reflection time:  how did you do on your standardized tests?  In my opinion, you ROCKED it!!