We made it through the week.  Be ready for next week to seem long.  It's a whole extra day.

I am willing to continue giving you tickets for blogging and commenting on the blogs of others.  The other thing you can do to earn tickets is engage in exemplary behavior.  What does exemplary mean?  Define it in a blog comment and you can have 4 tickets.  There is also an extra credit tab with extra Kryptos that will get you 6 tickets on Monday.  That seems like a ton of ticket opportunities.  

I already feel like I've known you guys forever.  You are a wonderful group and we are an amazing classroom of learners. I am excited for us to finish our pinwheel "All About ME" art, our life journal covers and entries, and to start our first EXPLORATIONS unit next week.  Rest up!  We will hit the ground running on Monday.