Explain your thinking.  Well, I know that we are going to take MCA tests on 4 different days and now one day is done so one out of four is done which is 1/4 or one fourth.  After tomorrow we will have 2 out of 4 days done which is 2/4 or two fourths which can also be stated as one half.

Anybody who draws a picture to go with that will get to have 5 tickets tomorrow morning.  If you carry it a step further and do how much we will have left after we are done on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week then you can have 10 tickets.

Thanks to the families that donated mints and candies for the kids to eat.  The theory is that this helps with concentration. 

Go to bed on time, get plenty of sleep, eat a great breakfast (I scrambled eggs today for every one in my family) and made them bagles and they had juice.  I'll do the same thing tomorrow.   See ya then!!