Bring in your permission slip so you can go do art on Thursday. 

What a great week for being outside.  Let's try to get out more this week.  How can we do it?  When can we do it?  Blog a comment that shares an idea for getting outside.  Tell when and how and what we will do out there.

We are going to have an outdoor classroom day this year.  It will be a day when we spend the whole day outside.  I can't wait!!  What will you bring?  What will we need?  I am guessing it will be in the very end of May or maybe even in June.  We will eat out there, read out there, do math out there, and LIVE out there.  The only we will come in for is...bathrooms.  I mean really, you would come in for that, right?

What else are you excited to do this year?  ART with clay on Thursday for kids who have their slips in is a great place to start with a list of stuff you are excited about for the end of the year.