First of all, Brianna, were you sick?  Morgan went home sick too.  Will too.  Oh no, what is going around?

Brianna and Morgan, let me know when your next soccer game is that is around here.  I want to come!!  Cody, lacrosse?  boys who play baseball, tell me when you play so I can come and check it out.  I can walk to Longville park you know.  It's in my back yard.

Have a fun weekend.  Work some math stuff on the computer.  Don't forget to do logic and puzzle things too.  Math is all of that and more.  Problem solving is another big piece.

Work on your baseball skills.  Have your mom or dad or older brother throw a ball at you (well, you should have a glove and be ready) and you can try throwing and batting too.  All great skills.  Watch a Twin's game, see what all the players are doing.  They are always moving and making adjustments to their position on the field.  They are baseball ready at all times.  We will practice some more next week and then play Kovacs 1 v. Kovacs 2 .  Good times!!