What a beautiful day to be outside.  I mean, really!!  It felt like an extra day of summer.  The activities were amazing, the kids were all smiles and the bees were EVERYWHERE.  Good times.

The Village Press, 3rd edition came out today and the lead article was written by Antonia Green.  Kinda made me sad to think of poor Antonia sitting in a hospital bed, unable to talk, missing out on cafe time and all the other cool things we are doing here at school.  Don't worry Antonia, I'll come visit you tomorrow or the next day.  I'll bring you your very own copy of the Village Press so you can be up to date and in the know and see your article in print.

Today's big ticket item, worth 6 tickets, is to blog a comment to Mr. Doebler.  He is a faithful reader of our blog site and we have not been doing a great job blogging back.  Blog him a comment and I'll suit you up with tickets.

See you tomorrow.         Mrs. Kovacs