So this is America and I can't tell you who to vote for but...

My son Joe entered the Sky Zone slam dunk competition and was selected to be in the final Sweet Sixteen.  The winner will be chosen by popular vote.  Have your parents register and vote for Joe!  I will link the sky zone website under links   but if that doesn't work go to to vote.

You can vote once a day.
Your mom and dad have to register in their name and use their address, email and birth date as you need to be over 13 to vote.
Tell your neighbors, tell your friends.
Joe could win money!!
His video is the one labeled kovacsjoe@22 and it shows his knee in his Clark Kent pants and at the end, in slow mo he...well watch the video and see.

Understand that the winner is chosen by number of votes so...if you like one better than Joe you should just ignore that and either not vote at all or just vote for Joe cause you've met him and know him and...if he wins, he might have to buy our class an ice cream treat.  FUN!!

Blog a comment about voting in America--can you force people to vote one way or another?  And you will get 10 tickets tomorrow.  Blog a comment saying you got mom or dad to vote for Joe and you can have 10 tickets tomorrow too!