Be sure and remind all the men in your life that all the women in their lives are going to want to get a Valentine. 

Hey, kids who left early on Friday, great news!  Your classmates earned 50 minutes of party time on top of the 1/2 hour I was ready to give you.  That's an 80 minute party or 1 hour and 20 minutes so it looks like our party will need to start at 2:10 in order to get it all in.  There is a possibility of earning a few more minutes on Monday but don't go all crazy on me, we really won't start before 1:45.

If you are someone who is bringing in a "supply" for our party, DON'T FORGET IT or others will be sad.  Remember, our centers are 1. knee hockey tournament--set up a team of three people;  2. Panhia's Origami Flower Shop where Panhia will teach you how to make a tulip; 3. Games where you can play Valentint Bingo with Rachel calling the games or any other game we have in the room or someone brings in; 4. Cup stacking with Brock as I just know he'll be cup stacking; 5. crafts and card making with Olivia.

Remember, if you bring cards for one, you bring for all.  Remember to bring your bag or box with your name on it so others can mail YOUR valentine cards to YOU.  Did you see how cool the boxes are that came in already?  Way cool!!

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy the "warm" weather.            Gotta go shop for all my valentines!    Mrs. Kovacs