Valentine's Day continues to be a tough holiday at school.  Maybe it's all the sugar combined with all the mid winter energy and attitude but boy, it is a tough holiday at school.

I gave two rather large projects to be worked on during this time off.  (Maybe it's President's Day that is the tough holiday--Ha Ha.)  In reading we are wrapping up our fantasy unit and moving on to problem solving.  I sent home the end of the unit test to be used as a take home test.  Please feel free to use your parents and older siblings as a resource when you go through this test.  Read the directions.  Then read them again, highlighting or underlining what it is you are to be doing.  Then jump in and do it.  Before you go on, go back and read the directions one more time to be sure you covered everything AND answered the question that was asked.

The other piece of homework is 3 math sheets.  We are moving on to Unit 5 in math and we are going to jump in to lesson 5 on Tuesday.  In preparation for this I have given you the pages for the first 3 lessons which should be review.  I just want to start focusing your brain that direction.  Bring these back to school on Tuesday NO MATTER WHAT as you will need them or do the class work that day.  As my little Valentine to you, I have said that although you need to do ALL the work on the homework side, you can just do the ODD numbered problems on the remembering side.

Hey, no more tickets for compliments unless you can really wow me with something.  To wow me you will need at least 5 sentences in your compliment.  If you do that, you can have 2 tickets.  I hope I remember to buy more tickets over the weekend.  We ran out of time for a ticket drawing so I guess we'll have to do one on Tuesday IF everyone brings their work in done!!

                                Enjoy the long weekend.   Jamie Kovacs