It's finally here!!  Christmas Vacation.  So, is it all you had hoped for and more?  I love having a house full of kids and friends and family though it does get overwhelming and the occasional break is needed.  We are having a wonderful time of sledding, eating, skating, eating, gift opening, eating, playing games, eating, you get my point.  I will definitley need a workout program when this is all over.

I gave Vlad $10.00 and had Joe take him to the dollar store to buy gifts for everyone in the family.  He bought very sweet gifts for everyone.  He was so excited to show me all of them when he got home.  Just me though, and I saw my present.  Everyone else's had to be a secret and to me he just said to pretend I didn't see it.  Funny kid.  I helped him wrap them and they sat under the tree for a day.  (Oh, he used the extra 2 bucks to pick out a couple little items for himself!)  When we finally got to gift opening he was so excited to hand out his gifts.  He was really cute making sure everyone knew why he had picked out each thing for them. 

Jake scored 2 goals in his hockey game last night, the kids are headed out skating right now and I am about to think about lunch.  My sister and her family are coming over for supper so I need to worry about that too.

Enjoy your vacation.  Play lots of games with your family.  Do your FACT POWER math sheet and your take home math activity that has to do with gardens.  Read a book under a fleece blanket curled up by the fireplace. 

See you guys next year!                                 Mrs. Kovacs