How about those gymnastics girls.  They are so good!!  And so tiny.  Did you see that one girl from China who looked about 12 but was really 20?  So weird how tiny they are.  The Trill of Victory is awesome but the agony of defeat looks really painful.  The gold medalist is thrilled, the silver is sad to have missed the gold by just a smidgen, and the bronze medalist is happy to have gotten a medal at all as they know how close they were to not getting it.  I am quite sure the 4th place person feels as bad as the second place finisher.  Go odd numbers!!

And Michael Phelps sure is rocking out the swimming times, again.  I think his super long arms must give him a real advantage.  My racing stroke was the backstroke and I also did the IM relay.  Now when I swim for exercise I like the breast stroke the best because it is the kindest to your body.  I also do the freestyle (front crawl) for variety.  The backstroke killed my shoulders in college and I still can't do it for very long. 

Loving the beach volly ball and the kayaking too.  Today the track and field events begin and today marks the half way mark for the Olympics being over.  Have you enjoyed watching them?  Blog a comment about your favorite event.

Mr. Bock and his family are on their way to Brazil where he and his wife will teach next year.  Check it out at his blog spot.  I just google bock family in brazil and it comes up as a choice.  He has some fun pictures on there, check it out!!  By the way, his new school started on August 1!!

Happy August, everyone, we're still in summer!!