There is a funny line on a TV show where one of the stars is telling about a movie she is in and it's called The Rural Juror.  Try saying that a few times fast.

You can have a trip to the prize bucket if you blog a comment that tells how far your group got in social studies today.  Did you do housing? How about employment or transportation?  Did you do a thourough job and tell how each item is in urban v. rural areas and then tell the + and the - of each item in urban v. rural?  Did your group work well together?  Your comment needs to be at least 3 sentences long.

Our snowman quilt is turning out nicely.  Does anyone have any other ideas on what we could do to make it rock?  Blog an idea and you can have 2 tickets whether we use the idea or not.  I'd love to hear your ideas.     Mrs. Kovacs